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7 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Learn how to Connect with your Ideal Customer in just 7 Weeks


If you're like many professionals, you are probably suffering from social media overload. How do you know which so-called gurus to listen to? How do you know what is just hype and what’s a “must do” activity to achieve online dominance for your organization? And how does digital media fit into your overall marketing strategy?

If you are looking for a simple, effective way to design a customized Digital Marketing Plan that works, you've come to the right place!

Sign up for our program and we'll email you a new digital marketing topic each week—along with custom workbooks featuring exercises aimed at helping you get your digital marketing plans flowing. FREE!

Designed to complement and expand upon the digital lessons in CONNECTED CULTURE, these workbooks will help you plan your path to online success right now, even if you aren't sure how all of these digital marketing pieces fit together (yet!). In just a few weeks, you'll have a Digital Marketing Plan AND a customized workbook filled with your ideas, goals and plans for online domination!

Here are the topics you'll receive each week:

Week 1: Getting Crystal Clear on Your Digital Marketing Goals
Week 2: Connecting with your Target Audience Online
Week 3: Does your Website make them hungry for more?
Week 4: Email Marketing: Magic Bullet or Poison Pill?
Week 5: Mobile Marketing: Get in front of them while they're on the go
Week 6: Search Engines: What you don't know, can cost you!
Week 7: Social Media: The 7 Flavors of Social Media!
(SPECIAL BONUS: Get 7 workbooks in this week, one for each flavor)


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